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Can u guys tell me that pakistani are not allowed to apply?

UG Vines
Can i join with 10th grade pass and a diploma in hospitality management ?
Comment from : UG Vines

Nitu Paul
Spects are not allowed..?? 😨
Comment from : Nitu Paul

akanksha dwivedi
is there any issue that if someone work with Qatar airways he/she can't send money to their parents who live in other country.???
Comment from : akanksha dwivedi

risna Aadheez
I loved cabin crew 💙😍❤️
Comment from : risna Aadheez

Apil Bhandari
Hey mam i am very curious about cabin crew.. 😊And I am from Nepal..
Comment from : Apil Bhandari

Tamuna Xubaeva
Maybe impossible to become Cabincrew in Emirates airline .. I was 2 time in open day but unfortunately unsuccessful..(( reason I don’t know 🤷🏼‍♀️
Comment from : Tamuna Xubaeva

airhis verzosa
i want to ask if there is a possibilty that they will hire me even though i didnt reach the minimum height but atleast my arms reach 212 cm?thank you
Comment from : airhis verzosa

Elzz X
I have just applied for cabin crew for emirates any tips ? 👩‍✈️🙏
Comment from : Elzz X

I swear when I was on my flight I couldn’t stop looking at some of the cabin crew, idk why but they look like they’re from ww2 and it’s amazing and just mind blowing... why, idk
Comment from : Gabriel

Flip Flipovec
[email protected] want to be a cabin crew
It's thanks to you that i got new information about Emirates AD process. It will certainly help me to achieve my dreams. Thank you very much for this information. God bless you! I really appreciate how u explain it clearly. From My point of view you deserve more happiness in your future and many more Thanks 😀😀 You made my day 😍😄 thank you 👍

Comment from : Flip Flipovec

M frm india there are no events for cabin crew how cn i do apply ?
Comment from : GINNEY

Aurora Prizlopan
Informatie foarte relevanta! Doar ca este destul de general. Ca sa stii mai multe despre cum decurge procesul de recrutare si cum sa iesi in evidenta fata de ceilalti aplicanti, precum si secrete, greseli pe care sa le eviti ca sa treci cu brio de interviu, am scris o carte in care poti gasi toate aceste informatii. Am lucrat 8 ani de zile ca si Stewardesa la compania Etihad si a fost cea mai frumoasa perioda din viata mea pana acum. Imi doresc sa traiasca cat mai multe fete aceasta experienta! Bafta!
Poti gasi cartea aici: www.carieradestewardesa.ro

Comment from : Aurora Prizlopan

Can you tell how to join after +2 in cabin crew. I want to become a cabin crew. So please tell me
Comment from : ALL IN ONE

My height 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 156......
Comment from : 白琳白琳是我的叫

lala Kelly
0:24 quatar????
Comment from : lala Kelly

Sneha Gupta
Who's what to become cabin crew and make future
Comment from : Sneha Gupta

Flip Flipovec
awesome!!!!! ur a very good teacher __At least u don’t charge fees for helping __Thank u man keep it goin❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Flip Flipovec

Edwin Malig
maximum age for cabin crew at emirates.
Comment from : Edwin Malig

Surangi Warnakulasuriya
Dear mam....I am sri Lankan girl....my dream job is to be an air hostess in Emirates airlines....can I apply this air line?
Comment from : Surangi Warnakulasuriya

Male crew cabin requirment
Comment from : mrobaid3

Amal Bedda
where you need that job?


Comment from : Amal Bedda

Subair Meerasahib
I wish To be an cabin crew when I was at the age of 13. Thank you for providing those information .
In the pictures of cabin crew uniform two Types were shown
1)uniform in skirt and 2)uniform in pant can I choose my dress code as I wish

Comment from : Subair Meerasahib

Harvard / Oxford Oil tycoon
I will stick to my DELTA AIRLINES!!! Emirates thank you very much 🥂
Comment from : Harvard / Oxford Oil tycoon

Bogor Rumahku
Do you think its only wasting my time if I applied for the job? Im 36yo..........
Comment from : Bogor Rumahku

Maria ALI
Hey , just wanted to know if there’s any specific dressing requirement for the candidates by Etihad or emirates on their open day ?
Comment from : Maria ALI

Khushi Kaushik
Dear ma'am,
Do Emirates airlines take interview in india?

Comment from : Khushi Kaushik

How true that they don’t accept Filipino applicants anymore?
Comment from : flowerInDaRain

Md Abdul Halim Miah
I am a biomedical scientist and it's suck . I really want to join this cabin crew. Lol paid so much to get a degree but shit not even the same pay.
Comment from : Md Abdul Halim Miah

Jason V.
Let me start here as I have some pointed facts / questions for you Chris?
1. Where were you born and in what city/country?
2. This is a lovely video. Are you being subsidized in any format, whatsoever, and if so, please be transparent and describe in detail?
3. If the answer is "no" to question number 2, why are you doing all of this extra work off the clock? Please describe in full as well as off-the-books perks you are given?
4. Most everyone on here might not be in the green light on this one, but start @1:30 for the guys on this chain. Let me dial you into the 411, just a few years back.......SERIOUSLY, not long ago at all, one of the requirements for a Flight Attendant was you are a "woman". It was blatantly obvious that no males need apply. I wish I could have captured those screenshots and saved them. If you are a guy on here looking to be "accepted" or "applying", etc for a Cabin Crew job, I think you should dispose this airline as they are not as progressive as they appear. Maybe in the eyes of a young Russian woman, they are very progressive......but I trust you understand where I am coming from. My apologies as I do not mean to offend any women, believe me, I am the rock star of ripping new assholes (bringing new ideas behind the scenes) in a plastic environment like this. I could be wrong, but I am feelin this is a fantastic job for an individual looking for advanced education with a major in Mrs. 🙃🤸‍♂️😉

Comment from : Jason V.

Yassine Idrissi
Really thank you do much I've learned from this video a lot thank you again 🙏
Comment from : Yassine Idrissi

Ruby Sandhu
I also want to become cabin crew but my height is 153 cm, is that possible?
Comment from : Ruby Sandhu

symplyKosiso joseph
I'm Joseph from Nigeria, i always wanna be a fight attendant but i don't no where to start because i just graduated and acquired my BSC and I studied business administration so i need some advice please
Comment from : symplyKosiso joseph

Sam Minaj
Hi, thank you for your guidance in your videos. I attended an open day today but wasn't successful after the group assessment. I thought I did okay. I am disappointed but will try again in 6 months.
Comment from : Sam Minaj

TwicePink Dahsoo
I think all air hostesses are really beautiful I want to be one but I’m way too small. Thanks for being so nice on the planes.
Comment from : TwicePink Dahsoo

Jessica Trajano
Thank you 💓
Comment from : Jessica Trajano

Dayen Buensuceso
Do I need to have a beautiful teeth?
Comment from : Dayen Buensuceso

Vikas Rawat
Height criteria for boys is same for boys or not??
Comment from : Vikas Rawat

Damn im 160 cm at the age of 13 xD hope i dont get to tall , i really wanna get that job!
Comment from : spr1nt

Maxie Marie
To hear other people who have worked for the Emirates oh, let's just say they aren't very happy and they don't stay very long.
Comment from : Maxie Marie

Thank you so much for your vloggs.Its my dream job since birth but I still not able to pursuing it. I hope this is the time. Your video is help me alot to build my self confidence. God bless and more vlogs .. 💫💕☺️😍😻💖🙏
Comment from : KHIA CORDERO

faruk atilgan
hello , I like your videos , thanks for that ;)

if I get married after they hire me , they give my wife work permit ? she can stay with me ? tx :)

Comment from : faruk atilgan

As a former cabin attendant, I wish all the cc wannabe a huge Good Luck for your careers.
Loads of people talk about cabin crew life, pros and cons, but nobody explains how the flying activity affects your body.
Before dreaming about this job, I suggest all of you to discuss your general health status and your fitness to fly with your gp.
Some minor conditions such as migrane can transform your job into a living nightmare.
Even years after quitting, I still bring the effects of pressure migrane and even flying as passenger couple of times a year is kinda unbearable for me, unfortunately, as I feel my head almost bursting out for pain.
Given this, I will never regret being a cabin crew, but let me remind you that this job is physically sooooooo demanding...

Comment from : ChiarettaRodi

Florian Rochler
they #BingBang"ed me...
Comment from : Florian Rochler

Haydn Henning
Hey guys! My application has still been under review since the end of April. Is this still a good sign? Any advice?
Comment from : Haydn Henning

Traveler Irfan
Love from 🇧🇩 Bangladesh
Comment from : Traveler Irfan

Solo laric Entertainment
Please is it compulsory to attest my certificate before going for the interview
Comment from : Solo laric Entertainment

Ammu Kutty
I wnt to b a cabin crew❤️
Comment from : Ammu Kutty

Akankshya Jena
I am from India,my biggest dream since my childhood to became a cabin crew ,plz help me now I am 19 years old
Comment from : Akankshya Jena

Manel Bougoffa Jerjir
I just wanna ask u abt the CV does we take it with us in the open day or we should send it online first?
Comment from : Manel Bougoffa Jerjir

atefa Nayel
How long after you have done interview can you start working?
Comment from : atefa Nayel

Mahomed Hosenally
Can we joined emirates at 25 years old ?
Comment from : Mahomed Hosenally

Janoordeen Aboobuker
Dear please send the CV upload address please
Comment from : Janoordeen Aboobuker

Fardeena Kholeepa
Thnk u soo much fr all these info❤️❤️❤️🌸😍
Comment from : Fardeena Kholeepa

Muskan Pandit
Can an Indian apply for Emirates airlines???
Comment from : Muskan Pandit

Flip Flipovec
Hi! What an amazing, beautiful and excellent video! 🤩👍 I really love all your videos and I really appreciate how you explain it perfectly and clearly! ❤😍 You're so kind and genius, so god bless you! 😇💝 Thank you so much for your useful information 😘😇💖💘 Just have warm and good heart and keep it up and from my side lots of wishes and success for you! ❣💟💋💜 I will apple either for Emirates or Qatar Airways, so wish me a good luck my dreams come true! 🇶🇦🇦🇪✈😍😘💌❣💟💞💖💘💋💝👍
Comment from : Flip Flipovec

Alpay Erdem
Do they hire people in mid 30's?
Comment from : Alpay Erdem

marta xavier
I have one question: brace teeth are not allowed? even  esthetic brace?
Comment from : marta xavier

Faith Ketienya
Can I get the job if am from Kenya _africa
Comment from : Faith Ketienya

Babeng Tayang
Mam' what about height requirement??
Comment from : Babeng Tayang

Sofia lollo
Are glasses allowed ?
Comment from : Sofia lollo

Sui Hau
Any open day for India this month?
Comment from : Sui Hau

lol...I make $2k a week
Comment from : TheMabes69

Cissy Namagembe
Thanks for this message but is there any open day in dubai this year?
Comment from : Cissy Namagembe

Asad ismaeil
thank you so much for all information.
Comment from : Asad ismaeil

Saloja Lickchingmoo
What if you are 23 at the time of joining?
Comment from : Saloja Lickchingmoo

NO ssa
يعني هل توجد فرصة للمحجبات
Comment from : NO ssa

Ma. Joy Quiambao
hi you said married people can apply?
Comment from : Ma. Joy Quiambao

Ronnie Prince
Thank you so much for the updates
Comment from : Ronnie Prince

Raya Taroum
thank you so so much for this, it’s really helpful :)) hopefully i’ll become one
Comment from : Raya Taroum

debby debby
Thanks you it is my dream travel in to Emirates
Comment from : debby debby

Brittany Livengood
Thank you for your video! Is it true that you have to wait 6 months before attending another open day, if you aren’t successful?
Comment from : Brittany Livengood

What is the upper age limit?
Comment from : P

tania wahid
Mam, may i ask you a favor?
I already open the emirates web to do apply but it didn't work,,
May you help me ?

Comment from : tania wahid

Tina Sadaoui
Hi i just wanna ask you if arabic speakers and who speak so many languages may get better chances to get hired than others!!!??? please answer me asap . love ur work and best wishes
Comment from : Tina Sadaoui

Ece Yurtbahar
And by the way, thank you ❤️
Comment from : Ece Yurtbahar

Ece Yurtbahar
I wanna ask is Qatar Airways opening recruitments like Emirates in Turkey? Antalya, Istanbul? Ankara?
Comment from : Ece Yurtbahar

its bylka
Thank youu❤
Comment from : its bylka

Ruple Thaker
So there is an open day next Saturday in London for Emirates. I just take a CV & photo then? Can the photo be separate? As in from a photo booth? Also, can I confirm, you do not do anything online? Just show up? Thank you, nice video also.
Comment from : Ruple Thaker

Nitish Prasad
thank you this video gave me lots of information about fiing emirates
Comment from : Nitish Prasad

Swarnendu Karmakar
Mam 1st of all love your videos and also your voice...i have a question...
How to improve English ?

Comment from : Swarnendu Karmakar

Priyanka Biswas
Thnkq mam... actually i have a cut mark on my right hand... so can i go for interview?? Kindly tell me mam
Comment from : Priyanka Biswas

Kate ng'a
What about in Kenya?
Comment from : Kate ng'a

Hii, Thank you for the lovely vedio im from sri lanka and 20 years old I am very passionate to join Qatar 🇶🇦 airways can you please advice me on this matter ❤️ should i be a degree holder or a diplomatic in order to join cabin crew? if so Should i start right away? One more silly question should i look absolutely gorgeous in order to join??
Comment from : Tiff

noor sabahat
Can i apply i am 18 years old ?
Comment from : noor sabahat

Leonard Andrei
How do you do the test online. can you do a tutorial explaining where you have to go and what you have to do.thank you
Comment from : Leonard Andrei

jannat mugerwa
Thank you so much, my dream is to work as a cabin crew with Turkish Airlines, will be greatful when u highlight about it, God bless you
Comment from : jannat mugerwa

Silvia J
I wear aesthetic braces and getting them removed in one month. The open day is on Monday. So disappointing but thank you for the information. At least I know before getting too excited.
God bless you! <3

Comment from : Silvia J

Gicely Resplandes
You are amazing!The information is highly helpful!
Comment from : Gicely Resplandes

Rishikesh Nakhod
Hey I am from India, actually I have an doubt, I am 19 years old so can I apply for this job now, cause joining requires 21 years of age but I want to give a interview now, can i give it
Comment from : Rishikesh Nakhod

Yasin Shaikh t v chenl
Madam, give me the job of Qatar Airways
Comment from : Yasin Shaikh t v chenl

Zinnia Hardy
New subbie but damn I’m already in my 30’s 😔
Comment from : Zinnia Hardy

Birbahadur Khadka
I love yoir videos😊
Your Video is so informative

Comment from : Birbahadur Khadka

If u have HIV can u apply
Comment from : Kimbakinki

Kizito 01
High school grade 10 not allowed?
Comment from : Kizito 01

Did they think the salary was enough during their first 2 years (Emerates)? I've heard some really bad things about their management (unfair/not enough breaks etc.) could you please make a video about this?

Your videos are sooo good, Great job!

Comment from : Yourmastersteph

Kainat Baloch
Nice information
Comment from : Kainat Baloch

kelvin jovial
Can i apply for a job while am still in cabin crew studies
Comment from : kelvin jovial

pay is too low for that kind of risky and stressfull job
Comment from : meropzit

Comment from : Julia

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